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Independence Day!

I was watching the BBC World News at midnight and was startled by the shaking of the windows! CRASH! BOOM! Was this the bombing of Asmara that Eritreans have feared was coming from the Ethiopians? BOOM! BANG! For several minutes the windows shook.

This wasn’t so bad. What was everyone complaining about? Just to make sure though I muted the television. And there it was, the familiar sound of fireworks. I woke my brother and we went outside to take photos of the fireworks. They continued for several more minutes and after they finished I went to sleep.

We finally woke up at half past noon and had to get ready for the show at the stadium. At the Asmara StadiumĀ  we saw the President give a speech, we also saw the military, police, and marching band parade by. There was also a play done including nearly 1500 students. At the venue egg sandwiches, Coca-Cola and tea were sold. Finally, the presentation ended with more fireworks.

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