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Elabered Estate

Outside of Keren is the Elabered Estate. From this plantation comes milk and fruit. To truly make this a heaven the only thing missing is the honey to make ambrosia. Nonetheless this small heaven on the road to Asmara from Keren is beautiful.

Elabered Estate
Ironically near a road called libE tigray (Tigrayans heart, a reference to an ethnic group south of Eritrea whose heart is said to be twisted) that winds its way up and down the mountains between Keren and Asmara.

This estate was built during the Italian Era and was an oasis then as it is now. In fact located beside the estate was vineyard and winery as well as a small hotel. For the Italians during the 30’s it must have been beautiful, but years of disrepair has left only the Elabered Estate in working order. One day though the winery may be restored, as well as the hotel and it can once again serve the toursits who pine for such an environment.

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