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West or Bust! [Gerset]

Gerset is a town just half an our south of Tesseney. To call it a town may be a bit of an overstatement but we will give it the benefit of the doubt. Gerset is a place that has mostly been settled now by Eritrean returnees from Sudan.

Where they have decided to settled is both prime farming land but quite prone to flooding. Here though a damn is being constructed to both hold irrigable water for a test plot of 1000 hectares and prevent flooding in the area.

Tractors near Gerset
The Gerset dam project is actually three dams (as well as the conveyance systems of course) that are being constructed by the Warsai-Yikalo campaign. A photograph really cannot do justice to the size of these dams. Combined these dams will be able to hold more water than Toker dam near Asmara.

Gerset Dam
To be expected by Shaebia though a curiousity about the work occured to be. This curiousity availed itself at about 12:00AM (00:00) the following morning. During the Liberation Struggle the people of Eritrea had to do everything at night because if anything constructive was done during the day they would surely be bombed by the Ethiopian Air Force. Even today we can see the legacy of this. While a shift works during the day on the Gerset dams, another shift work at night both protecting and constructing the dams.

Gerset work at night
With these dams it is certainly hoped that Eritrea may once again realize food security and move on to other concerns; the fear of drought no longer holding us back. Though these droughts of which we hear you would never know by looking at the Gash River near Tesseney.

Gash River outside of Tesseney
This river is easily one of the largest in Eritrea and was first crossed by a foot bridge but later one for vehicles. During the war with the Ethiopian’s it was of course destroyed but has now been rebuilt. It really is an impressive site to see!

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