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Toker Revisited

Toker Dam is protected by a detachment of the EDF. In their free time they attend a high school for combatants. Today they were all on station for guard duty. When we stopped to ask how much the level of water had risen some said as much as 7 metres while another suggested even 10 metres.

Well we continued down the Pump Station Road to see for ourselves. The road is bumpy (like most in Eritrea) but what was worse is that there weren’t any guard rails on this very narrow, very steep road. But once we caught a glimpse of the reservoir we knew it was worth it. From the concrete face of the dam back towards the rear of the reservoir, hundreds of thousands of litres of grey-blue water.

Toker Dam in August

From my own, completely non-expert guesstimate, its seems that the reservoir has about 6 metres to go! Thankfully there is at least another month or two left in the rainy season. Perhaps we will have enough to allow it to overflow and let water go north to Zoba Anseba. At the very least Asmara has plenty of water for the next few years.

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