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We will reclaim our land!

Further liberal policies from the Eritrean Government. Yesterday the Eritrean President, flanked by his Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, stressed the necessity for reforestation in Eritrea.

It is to be remembered that Eritrea was once covered (up to 30% before the turn of the last century by some estimates) with forested land. It was only the upsurge in population and conflict through the Ethiopian Occupation that lead to the current 1% figure touted in Government and International estimates.

In a conference with respect to wildlife protection and forestry it was concluded that every citizen should feel a duty to his/her environment. Environmental restoration should be a priority, which could have dividends in regards to tourism and agriculture.

This declaration to reinforce environmental policy in Eritrea seems to be a continuation of similar policies in other sectors of Government policy.

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