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Who said anything about war?

As we saw right before the last meeting with the EEBC (Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission) meeting in London, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia has done his level best to characterize the Eritrean people of desiring war. Amid reporters in the Ethiopian capital today he said, “…if its tiny neighbor [Eritrea] provokes hostilities, then Addis Ababa is ready to teach it a lesson…”

It may surprise the reader to discover that the discussion of war on the other side of the border has been close to nil. Typically a side issue in Eritrea amid news of development works going on in the Northern Red Sea Zone or the return of refugees to redeveloped homes in the Southern Zone. Certainly it doesn’t seem that the people have forgotten about the war, but they have chosen to move on with their lives.

The specter of war that Meles Zenawi has tried to let loose on the world stage is countered by Eritrean President, Issayas Afwerki, when in a discussion at the Hager Media Hall he said, “…[we] need to restore the country’s forestry…” and promote water conservation.

Well it seems the only nation pushing the pursuit of violence is Ethiopia, or perhaps it is just the Prime Minister himself, either way, it seems that both parties will be attending the EEBC meeting in London. Are we edging towards peace? It seems Eritrea hopes so.

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