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Month: October 2008

Consideration of Environmental Sustainability in Eritrea

Environmental sustainability is a critical component in any national development plan. In the past however it has been derided as a luxury, especially by the energy sector. As we see the consequences of the centuries of these damaging policies however, we must change course, to the hard course.

Although it is true that generally speaking, non-polluting forms of energy production are more expensive, when taking into account the cost of climate change, it not only comes out in the wash, but is likely to be advantageous, particularly for coastal and low-lying nations. Eritrea is a country that is has been dwelling this conundrum since independence.

Why Oratory is Important

The manner in which our leaders speak is important. Not because it shows their own learnedness, but because it stirs the soul. When a man’s soul is stirred it makes for wonderful and horrendous deeds.

We are capable of such wonderful works, but without inspiration we tend not to push ourselves to the levels where such deeds can be done. For the last eight years, in the United States, we have dealt with a President who we can only hope will be the least eloquent of our lifetime.

Mythbusting: The Lies That Just Won’t Die

These must be the most pervasive corruptions of African history and the irony is that it is perpetuated by Africans themselves. Granted, the bulk of the supporters of these arguments are Ethiopians, and thus, they have a special stake in this false history. However, many others propagate it in hopes of strengthening African history. Although an entirely separate conversation; it does deserve a brief aside. African history can only be supported by understanding the full spectrum of African history, both the pleasant and unpleasant parts.