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Month: June 2009

Questions of Eritrean History

I thought today I would take the time to respond to some comments from another blog that I happened upon. The post that I had commented on was about Eritrea and Ethiopia’s less than neighborly relations for the past decade. I thought that part of the original post were ill-informed, as were some of the comments, however, because I believe in not being too judgmental, engage in the conversation. Impressively the original author responded to my comments with more depth than I expected (a wonderful surprise), however, I disagreed further with his statements. Careful not to start a blogging war I decided it would be best to create a far more in depth post here because the information will hopefully be instructive to a much larger audience.

Eritrea Wary of Resource Curse

In the flurry of interviews surrounding Eritrea’s Independence Day with the Eritrean President, Issayas Afewerki, the specifics have not yet been deeply parsed. Of particular import is his comments regarding mining in Eritrea. Many in the Diaspora are hoping that mining in Eritrea will bring an immediate, long-lasting improvement in the lives of Eritreans.

Women-led Food Security

The global food crisis is one of terrible importance to the developing world, particular in sub-Saharan Africa. Although not just a concern for the poor land-tilling people of the South, the compounding problem of food insecurity, global warming and the global financial crisis have put some on the brink. In Eritrea, where agricultural development has been at the political fore, new paradigms have to be created.

Educational Opportunity in Eritrea

Included amongst the fundamental human rights is that to education. The development of a robust educational infrastructure will be key to the development of any nation. Particularly in the developing world, where there is a significant demographic bias towards the youth, expenditures towards education will be high. As nearly every country has learned however, weathering the storm until the investment in the youth matures is the true test of a nations mettle.