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Eritrea Competitive in the Horn

Competitiveness is an important of economic development. Without it no country will be invested in, after all, if you could get more for your buck elsewhere, why not! A measure of competitiveness in the new global economy could be the number of internet users per capita. This of course will be an indication of a market but also rank of competitiveness.

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The chart shown here shows Eritrea’s competitiveness with its Horn of Africa neighbors in this new economy. For context it is important to recognize that Eritrea was the last to get the internet between all of these countries. It is also very important to note that Sudan’s dramatic increase in internet penetration occured once the oil discovered began to be exported to China. What would be interesting to see if the internet penetration is geographically broad or if it is only in the major cities (i.e. Port Sudan, Khartoum, etc.). This would be a relevant concern because the ease of distribution of this infrastructure would be eased if only the urban populations were targeted.

Unfortunately the data that is used is from the World Bank and their data is not that precise. Further, unfortunately none of the countries analyzed has that information available on their own yet either. Using this data though it would be interesting to so how Eritrea uses its position as #2 in the region, outweighing its spiteful neighbor Ethiopia.

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