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Month: November 2010

Ethiopia, Eritrea’s Shadow?

Eritrea and Ethiopia are intensely proud nations with long and colorful histories. Neither has been entirely within its current borders, both expanding and contracting. In fact, if you were to look at a map of the region 3,000 years ago it would be starkly different, just as 2,000 or 1,000 or even 500 years back. For the past one hundred and fifty years though it seems as though Ethiopia has not been running parallel with Eritrea, but rather in its shadow.

Is the Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Fog Clearing?

The logic at Foggy Bottom is almost as elusive as the Company men, but it seems for once the fog may be clearing. In a recent State Department statement1 (from the Embassy in Asmara), the United States has stated, that it supports the Eritrean position (that demarcation must begin before normalization of relations). This seems to be a significant statement, one that has been alluded to before, however was disputable because of its actions contrary to it. Ethiopia must beware that its primary patron is beginning to cool towards it.

  1. Three Statements Concerning Eritrea 

RSADO at Odds With the Revolution

Why the organization, self-described as, “Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization,” (RSADO) seems to be anything but. When Eritreans voted in the referendum (by a margin of 99.98%), they voted to make independent the “nation” of Eritrea. Further, this “nation” was legally defined as a unitary state, not a confederate state as the RSADO declaration implies.1

  1. Eritrea’s exiled Afar opposition deny they intend to secede