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Category: Demarcation

The Occupation

For 7 years the people and Governments of Eritrea and Ethiopia have been subject to a treaty signed in 2000 that brought peace between both peoples. The peace brokered by this agreement is at risk given the occupation of territory by one party over another. The genesis of the occupation is presented below to better understand why the international community must act today to prevent a renewed conflict.

Border Demarcation: FAQ

What triggered the Eritrea-Ethiopia border war?
Ethiopian authorities killed Eritrean officers who had come to discuss the case of Eritrean farmers who were forcibly evicted from their border villages by Ethiopian authorities, and the fact that Ethiopia had illegally occupied large swaths of sovereign Eritrean territory along the border. prior to this incident, Eritrea’s efforts to have the border demarcated through a joint border commission was frustrated by Ethiopia’s intransigence.

Ethiopia Declares Ruling “Nonsense”

In recent weeks the Foreign Ministry of Ethiopia has purported that the demarcation of its boundary with Eritrea was nothing more than “legal nonsense.” Indeed the virtual demarcation is a far cry from the physical border posts that were initially to be constructed. However, after three quarters of a decade trying to construct the actual border posts the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC), which was charged by both countries as the neutral arbiter resolved to demarcate the border in the most practical manner possible.