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Peace in the African Union Must Start with the Host

Ethiopia is the host nation of the African Union. One of the African Union’s stated goals has been “to promote unity and solidarity among African states.”1 This laudable goal has been opposed not in words, but in action by the host nation, Ethiopia. Ethiopia has embarked on a decades long course of action contrary to not only the principles of the African Union, but to International law.

  1. The African Union in a Nutshell 

Imprudent Lawmaking in the House

A disturbing trend in the US House of Representatives is the alarming lack of foresight in lawmaking. One of the most recent and frightening examples is HR 2278, To direct the President to transmit to Congress a report on anti-American incitement to violence in the Middle East, and for other purposes. On the surface, this Resolution’s focus and purpose seems to be wonderful, however upon further reflection we can see that this could put us on a dangerous slope. Part of the reason that this could put us on a slippery slope to outlawing one of our basic freedoms is clear because the text is so poorly written.