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A future together: Eritrea and the USA

The dream that is America started hundreds of years ago. To bring that dream to fruition, the efforts of an untold many were expended. Today we are one more step closer to bringing that dream to reality. Everyday though that dream threatened by those who are supposed to protect it, to ensure it.

Callous though it may seem the political freedoms that we enjoy in America come with a heavy caveat, you only have one home. Granted, for most Americans this is not an issue, most have both feet firmly planted on American soil, but in an increasingly globalized world, many more of us try to keep our ties to ancestral homes. At the dawn of this new period of engagement with other countries, this is in fact an asset to our country.

Inedible Arguments

It is a curious suggestion that, “…the only time in our history we Eritreans openly and freely discussed the future of our nation publicly was during the British Administration or pre-1952.” (Let the Dialogue Begin: A Passionate Call to ‘Eritrean Intellectuals’) This is a sad recollection of our most recent past. Undoubtedly this suggests that the author (and more broadly those who did not participate in the constitutional congress) ignore the key to representative governance, and at its heart democracy.

Mythbusting: The Lies That Just Won’t Die

These must be the most pervasive corruptions of African history and the irony is that it is perpetuated by Africans themselves. Granted, the bulk of the supporters of these arguments are Ethiopians, and thus, they have a special stake in this false history. However, many others propagate it in hopes of strengthening African history. Although an entirely separate conversation; it does deserve a brief aside. African history can only be supported by understanding the full spectrum of African history, both the pleasant and unpleasant parts.