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Parachute Journalism

For the most part, the Financial Times has practiced excellent journalism, particularly for a UK brand. A series of articles this week, by Barney Jopson however, have shown that the struggles and travails of the news industry might be creating cracks in an otherwise impeccable facade.

After spending less than a week in the Eritrean capital Asmara, Barney Jopson published his first article for the Financial Times from the capital (Eritrea readies first goldmine). Although the author seemingly parrots much of what is written in the popular media about Eritrea he reveals what seems to be interesting information. Granted, most of the information is not new, particularly the resource volume in Eritrea (quite clear if you review the public filings of the mining companies operating in Eritrea) however, a comment is made, seemingly off-the-cuff which is grossly inaccurate.