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Tag: Politics

Balancing Society

I believe in individual rights, however, this can often lead to the tyranny of one. The privilege of the individual may conflict with that of the community in which s/he lives, and in this case, a balance must be struck. A balance between the community and the individual is the oldest problem of governance; ought the community yield to the individual – to the harm of the many – or should the individual yield to the community (one for all; fraternity)?

Parachute Journalism

For the most part, the Financial Times has practiced excellent journalism, particularly for a UK brand. A series of articles this week, by Barney Jopson however, have shown that the struggles and travails of the news industry might be creating cracks in an otherwise impeccable facade.

After spending less than a week in the Eritrean capital Asmara, Barney Jopson published his first article for the Financial Times from the capital (Eritrea readies first goldmine). Although the author seemingly parrots much of what is written in the popular media about Eritrea he reveals what seems to be interesting information. Granted, most of the information is not new, particularly the resource volume in Eritrea (quite clear if you review the public filings of the mining companies operating in Eritrea) however, a comment is made, seemingly off-the-cuff which is grossly inaccurate.

Questions of Eritrean History

I thought today I would take the time to respond to some comments from another blog that I happened upon. The post that I had commented on was about Eritrea and Ethiopia’s less than neighborly relations for the past decade. I thought that part of the original post were ill-informed, as were some of the comments, however, because I believe in not being too judgmental, engage in the conversation. Impressively the original author responded to my comments with more depth than I expected (a wonderful surprise), however, I disagreed further with his statements. Careful not to start a blogging war I decided it would be best to create a far more in depth post here because the information will hopefully be instructive to a much larger audience.