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Tag: South Sudan

Mamdani Wrong on Eritrea

Mahmood Mamdani in a paper discussing citizenship and South Sudan uses Eritrea as evidence. Unfortunately his evidence is deeply flawed, and although it does not fundamentally alter the basis of his conclusions, they show tremendous oversight on his part. Of course, his contention regarding unity is critical, “Anyone interested in creating unity must recognise the importance of politics and persuasion … “1

  1. Transcript from talk given on 17 March 2011 

Calling out Neal Conan of Talk of the Nation

Every once in a while a slip up at NPR riles me up. The other day, on Talk of the Nation, it Neal Conan slipped up, immediately followed by his guest, Princeton Lyman (Special Envoy to South Sudan, US).  Specifically Neal stated, “We saw Eritrea break away from Ethiopia some years ago, now, South Sudan breaking away from Sudan.” The implication here of course is that Eritrea and Ethiopia were one country  and that Eritrea split away.