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Why Oratory is Important

The manner in which our leaders speak is important. Not because it shows their own learnedness, but because it stirs the soul. When a man’s soul is stirred it makes for wonderful and horrendous deeds.

We are capable of such wonderful works, but without inspiration we tend not to push ourselves to the levels where such deeds can be done. For the last eight years, in the United States, we have dealt with a President who we can only hope will be the least eloquent of our lifetime.

Today’s Leaders Point to Tomorrow’s

Just before September 1st, the eve of the holiday commemorating the Eritrean armed struggle for independence, hundreds of youth attended the fourth annual conference on Eritrea and its youth in the Diaspora.

Eritrea’s Greatest Generation was the forefathers who fought for independence; together, they simultaneously staved off the geo-strategic objectives of the Cold War’s superpowers, and forged a national identity based on solidarity and unity in diversity. This inclusive political and social justice agenda emphasizes the rights of minorities and equality of women; while promoting education and rights for all.

Kids playing!

While walking back from work this evening I noticed something incredible. As I was coming home I saw little Eritrean children running around playing on the street. It was awesome just seeing little kids running around, I don’t know why but it just put a smile on my face to see it.