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Semantic Eritrea Posts

Is the US Smashing Eritrea With a New Travel Ban?

Recently, Politico reported that Eritrea would be subject to the Trump Administration’s controversial “Muslim travel ban”.1 In 2017 the Trump administration issued a “Muslim travel ban” (named so because it only targeted seven Muslim majority countries: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen and Somalia2) to protect the United States. The US Court’s have forced modification to the Muslim travel ban, and it has been narrowed.



Eritrea’s Peace and Ethiopia’s Navy?

Over the past year, since the Government of Ethiopia accepted and agreed to implement the  Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission decision,1 Eritrea and Ethiopia have engaged in broad-based relations. These relations have touched on cultural shows,2sports shows,3 as well as discussions addressing economic coordination.




Horn of Africa Spoiler

Eritrea is often characterized in media and academic literature as a “spoiler”, particularly in the Horn of Africa region. It is in part, based on this characterization, that Eritrea has earned the title “the North Korea of Africa”. How accurate is this characterization? Is Eritrea truly the regional spoiler in the Horn of Africa?

A History of the Flag of Eritrea

Flags represent individual nations (or in multi-ethnic societies “super-nations” that represent the joint identities of more than one nationality) and, as all symbols are, often subject to careful analysis. Eritrea’s flag, to the casual observer, is bursting with the vibrant colors common of many African flags; to one having more than a passing familiarity with Eritrea’s history, the flag is clearly representative of shared national identity and history of the land called Eritrea.