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If Progress is Regression? What is Stability?

Every once in a while the BBC publishes a piece that is on point. Unfortunately, when it comes to news from the Horn of Africa this is rarely the case. In particular, when it comes to Eritrea, the BBC will only publish an article if it negatively reports on the news in Eritrea. The most recent example1 ( which is also mimicked by the Economist,2 a similarly biased [against Eritrea] publication) is interesting, although I would like to discuss the ICG report in-depth, I think its important that there be a discussion about Eritrea’s progress towards the MDG’s (and its human development in general) and I would like to take a moment to discuss the media’s second-hand reporting. I find articles such as this frustrating, however, I also like to try to learn something from every piece that I read. Often we can find some insight just with a little bit of critical reading.

  1. Eritrea may become failed state, warns think tank 

  2. The worst place to go to school 

West or Bust! [Barentu]

For the past two days I have been on a bit of a jaunt to western Eritrea. What I saw amazed me. Years ago, back in 2001 I had been as far west as Barentu but no further because after the war gas was difficult to find in the area.

Anyway, back to 2005 and what had to be the most impressive trips I have ever been on. It is likely that most people wouldn’t be as amazed as I was but what could be seen was marvelous. The strides towards food security despite the setbacks of war and drought in Eritrea is amazing.