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Eritrea’s Peace and Ethiopia’s Navy?

Over the past year, since the Government of Ethiopia accepted and agreed to implement the  Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission decision,1 Eritrea and Ethiopia have engaged in broad-based relations. These relations have touched on cultural shows,2sports shows,3 as well as discussions addressing economic coordination.




Ethiopia Cries Wolf … Again!

In a peculiar note1 (now hidden from view) in an state-sponsored news centre, the Government of Ethiopia suggested that the cause of violence in Somalia is some intervention by Eritrea. Clearly the violence in Somalia started nearly two decades ago before Eritrea’s independence when the Government of Somalia (the administration of Siad Barre) collapsed and the ever strong Somali clans struggled for power.


Eritrea Suggests New Villians

In an interview this week with Reuters, the Eritrean President commented on the situation in Somalia. For the past month or so interest in this conflict has waned, however, Western interest in the Eritrean connection has risen. The Government of Eritrea for some time has refuted and dismissed accusations suggesting they have been sending arms to Somalia by the US State Department, and United Nations Security Council. As of late, the UK has added its voice to this discordant chorus, and today a new bit of information has come forth. Apparently (according to the UN Security Council) Eritrea is providing $200,000 – $500,000 dollars a month to Somalia.1

  1. Eritrea blames Somalia’s neighbours for violence