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Month: March 2014

Dowden Misfires on Eritrea

Mr. Richard Dowden, the author of “Africa: Is the Crimea Referendum a Good Model for Africa?“, is flawed when it states “There have only been two official changes to Africa’s boundaries since independence; the establishment of Eritrea and South Sudan. Both were done with the agreement of the mother country.” To the contrary, Eritrea was liberated in 1991 from Ethiopian occupation. Officially, Ethiopia “illegally” annexed Eritrea in 1962,1 although throughout the period of Federation (1952-1962) Ethiopia breached the Federal arrangement.2 The continual breaches had the effect of nullification of the agreement, which Ethiopia’s annexation confirmed.

  1. The Long Struggle of Eritrea for Independence and Constructive Peace, by: Lionel Cliffe, Basil Davidson 

  2. Nationalism and Secession in the Horn of Africa: A Critique of the Ethnie Interpretation, by: Dominique Jacquin