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2nd Meeting in London

Well the BBC seems to be the first ones out the door with an article about the Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) meeting. I would hope so, after all, it is right in their backyard. But what has the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry spokesman said about Eritrea at the meeting?

“They don’t want peace….because of the rigid behavior of the Eritrean Government.” Well now this seems to grave indication of Ethiopia’s intentions at this meeting. Could it mean that they are trying to elicit a response from Eritrea?

What is more likely is that Ethiopia is trying to strong arm the press knowing full well that until the end of the talks, following their modus operandi, the Eritrean Government is unlikely to comment.

And after all, wasn’t it Ethiopia that held up the border demarcation until the EEBC become so frustrated that it left the region? Was it not the Ethiopian government who signed the Algiers Agreement in 2000 and agreed to abide the Commission’s ruling that came out in 2002? Did Ethiopia not ask in September 2003 for a new ruling, even though that would have been in contravention of the original Agreement? Furthermore have they not essentially rejected the ruling until the last meeting when they turned 180 degrees and accepted the decision fully?

I think its pretty apparent who is responsible for what. Don’t you?

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