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Why Oratory is Important

The manner in which our leaders speak is important. Not because it shows their own learnedness, but because it stirs the soul. When a man’s soul is stirred it makes for wonderful and horrendous deeds.

We are capable of such wonderful works, but without inspiration we tend not to push ourselves to the levels where such deeds can be done. For the last eight years, in the United States, we have dealt with a President who we can only hope will be the least eloquent of our lifetime.

Of course, eloquence for eloquence’s sake is not a virtue, instead this eloquence can be used as a lens into the mind of the leader, and that is what is important. Knowing that a mind is at work is critical, especially in this day of age where problems are most efficiently solved by the pen and not the hatchet.

Ironically the lack of eloquence is just one of many reasons to doubt competency of many in the US Federal Government. Indeed, it reminds one of the rises to power by the ill-prepared in HMS Pinafore, the 19th century operetta. We can but hope that in the end, just as in the operetta, those who are fit to lead do indeed lead.

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